Need a tan for photo shoot?

Need a beautiful natural tan for your photo shoot. Allow us co come to your chosen location and hand airbrush tan you for your special event or photo shoot.
Or do you just Need a girls night? Lets get together and have an Endless Glow Airbrush Tan Party. The host gets tanned for FREE with 5 other friends plus will receive a discount on products. Its a great way to get together with your friends for a special event or just to hang out while getting beautifully tanned at the same time. All in the comfort of your home or chosen destination!!!
Call today to set up your event 704-712-3429

This client was airbrushed all other, we did her makeup then she went out to her special event.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is Near. The best present you can give your man is beautiful pictures of yourself, for him to look at any time he wants and they are exspecially for his eyes only!Give him boudoir photos of his lady!
Check out Couture Boudoir by Critsey Rowe

Here is a sample of one of our clients photgraphed by Critsey Rowe
Christmas is the perfect time to have that special photo shoot for yourself or your man! Call today. We will come to make you beautiful and assist throughout your session!
Had a wonderful Boudoir shoot uptown Charlotte.
I love my business! Its not everyday a girl gets to play dress up with Real Live Barbies!!!