The Bridal Show Case was awesome, it was this past Sunday. The place was filled with girls in love and excited about getting married!!! I can't wait to see what this year will bring us!!! Here is a snap shot of our Bridal Show Team(image from last Jan. show) !!!

At the January 2009 Show, I was privileged to get a picture with the star of the show, the one that makes it all happen year after year.......... Margaret Hooks!!!!!!! Love Ya Margaret

Snap Shots of the Creations Team at the August9, 2009 Show
Sherry and Kristen looking good in those pink shirts!!!

Great Job Joni!!!!

Our Booth looked Smokn Hot!!!

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Boudoir said...

The booth does look great. What does it cost to do a booth at a show like that?
Tony ;~)